How it Began


On August 14, 2013 a group of 11 Corvette owners from the Irish Hills area met for dinner to discuss forming a new Corvette Club. Several ideas were brought up and everyone agreed the new club would be called the Irish Hills Corvette Club (IHCC). Over the next few weeks the unofficial club had several more meetings to pick a club logo, select an Executive Board, and hammered out the IHCC Bylaws. By the end of September the club had found an Official Sponsor with Chevrolet of Clinton and filed all of its legal paperwork making the Irish Hills Corvette Club official in under six weeks. 


The first official IHCC Business Meeting took place on October 3, 2013 with 13 members signing up. 


In December 2013 the Irish Hills Corvette Club became the 16th Corvette club in the Michigan Region of the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC). The NCCC was founded in 1959 and consists of over 270 clubs with more than 19,000 members making it the largest non-profit, all volunteer Corvette organization in the United States. Being part of the NCCC will allow the club to compete on a national level with other clubs throughout the country. 




Business Meetings

IHCC meets the first Thursday of every month to discuss club business and plan upcoming events and usually last less than one hour. The meetings are open to all members and potential members and are followed by dinner at a local restaurant. The meetings are held at our sponsor, Chevrolet of Clinton.


Dinner Meetings

Except for December, the club meets for dinner on the third Thursday of each month at a local restaurant. The meetings can be found on our events calendar and are open to all members and potential members. Meetings are informal and a great way to keep in touch and get to know fellow members.


Garage Meetings

From time to time club members will host "Garage Meetings". Garage meetings are usually technical such as a restoration project, detail clinic, or how to store your Vette for the winter. 



Autocross is a low-speed racing event were drivers race against the clock. Speed are limited to 80 mph. The Michigan Region NCCC will host multiple autocross events this year. Members are welcome to attend and participate in any NCCC autocross events.


Rallys  consists of Game Rallys which are chance games, and Gimmick Rallys where a driver and navigator hunt for clues along a driving route. The Michigan Region NCCC will host multiple autocross events this year. Members are welcome to attend and participate in any NCCC Rallye event. 



Car Shows

From May to October there are car shows almost daily! From NCCC sanctioned Corvette-only shows to the Brooklyn Big Boy Wednesday night show, we've got you covered! 


Touring - Local

Every year IHCC will have a Spring Dust Off Tour and a Fall Color Tour in the Irish Hills area. The tours are usually 1-2 hour long and finish at a local restaurant. 


Touring - Long Distance

IHCC members participate in several "big name" Corvette events such as Bloomington Gold, Corvette at Carlisle, Corvette Crossroads and Mackinaw, and the National Corvette Museum. 

How To Join

Joining is Easy!

To join you must be 18 and own or lease a Corvette. You may attend up to four of our events before joining. Our events are posted in the events section on this site. When you're ready simply fill out an application, pay your dues, and you're in.